Sunday, 30 September 2012

Race Pilot 3D privacy statement


Scores and achievements

This game uses OpenFeint for high score boards and achievements. If you opt in to OpenFeint or have opted in previously, your level scores will be sent to the OpenFeint servers.

Game Feed and analytics

You may opt out of OpenFeint, but some information will still be collected by the OpenFeint framework for the purpose of Game Feed and analytics.


We [OpenFeint] record all of these events in our analytics for both OpenFeint users and non-OpenFeint users.

* When the Game Feed was first shown and started loading

* When the Game Feed completed loading (so we can tell how long it normally takes to load)

* When the Game Feed is no longer displayed

* When a specific feed item is shown (an impression)

* When the user clicks a feed item

* When the user launches the OpenFeint dashboard from the Game Feed

* When the user closes the OpenFeint dashboard after launching it from Game Feed

* When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking a Game Feed item (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)

* When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking the OpenFeint button (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)

For each of those events we also include

* Session id (a randomly generated id created for each game session)

* User id (only if they are logged in to OpenFeint)

* Game specific unique identifier (a unique id we create for each user. This is unique for each game so we can’t recognize a user as he moves between games)

* Session length

* Total game time across all sessions (only for OpenFeint users)

* Time stamp

* Hardware (iPod2, etc)

* Game id

* Game version

* Platform (ios, Android etc)

* Country

* IP Address

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tax Zap Pro Privacy Statement

We do not and will not collect any of your information. This is confirmed by the apps permissions. We do not ask for internet or memory card access.

Stored locally is your tax code, custom personal allowances, are range, and other preferences. The app main retain the last entered salary, but it does not store it locally like the preferences.