Friday, 9 September 2011

Race Pilot 3D - FAQ

Q. The plane doesn't turn. I turn the plane and it just flies straight.


We do have a slow turning effect, but we chose to tone down the effect because the same physics that causes you to drift left or right when the plane is at an angle also causes you to loose vertical lift, and you start to nose dive.

We lessened the effect of the nose diving so you can fly on the knife edge (plane at 90 degrees) for longer. As it is, you can only hold knife edge for 2-3 seconds from 100 ft.

How to turn

What I recommend you try is when your plane is at an angle, give it a bit of pitch (angle device back), and this will give you a tighter turn. Not a lot is needed for a good tight turn. This is a very realistic techique, a real pilot wanting to make a tight turn would pull back on the control stick after angling the plane.

Q. How do I turn the sound on?

There is no sound at the moment, and we are working on this.

Q. When is the next update?

Soon, probably mid next week.

Q. I think this game is rubbish

Sorry, it seems to be a splitter with most people giving wither 5 stars or 1 star. I recommend to those people who arn't getting on with it to get in touch via email with their experiences so we can help them through any problems or take on board any suggestions.

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